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After 48 years, communicating with graduates at Veterinary college Mathura

Updated: Apr 9

Animal Nutrition Association Biennial conference was organised at DUVASU Mathura (Mathura Veterinary college), during 16th to 18th of February 2023. I was fortunate to attend the same as delegate and also to deliver lecture to the outgoing BVSc & AH intern batch students.

The collage has grown into university and developed multi-fold in many acres with many additional buildings like departments, hostels, women hostels, VC office, etc.

The conference “ANACON 2023 was on the topic “New Horizon of Animal Nutrition Research: Combating the challenges of productivity, Health and welfare of animals”. After the Iconic lecture Professor Dr AK Srivastava, Vice Chancelor of DUVASU, Mathura, the participants presented various papers on genomic research. However, the participants also discussed the applied issued like “shortages of feed and fodder in the country”, “use of sea weed as nutritious feed to poultry”, “possible way of “upgrading and utilizing the available common property resource of India (CPR)”, “community fodder cultivation using Gochar and Panchayat lands”, etc.

The nostalgia surged, when I visited the rooms in various hostels in the then my old college, after 48 years. I resided in these rooms during my graduation and post graduation course time. I was surprised that these rooms and hostels are still maintained very well.

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