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India is an “Agriculture based” country, where Dairying is being given more importance by the Govt. to support the income generation of the farmers. India is the house of excellent software skilled personnel, which makes it further easy to design our own advisory tools and proceed to the next level of consultancy support to help our Dairy entrepreneurs at remote locations. Due to busy life and the longer distances to reach a desired Dairy Business consultant to avail in-person (on-site, in-person, one2one) consultancy, is becoming day by day a difficult option for both (1) Clients and (2) Advisors.

The legal relaxations of tele-regulations in India after March 2020, has supported organizations to accelerate such consultancy services. Health organizations are already into it, benefiting several million patients across the Globe.

There is dearth of single window advisory support on various domains of Dairy & food business in our country, however, specific subject-wise advisory supports are available at technical colleges/ universities/ veterinary departments in the country. We all know that for a “Business” to run profitably, we actually need technical advisory support on all subjects related to the business through single window. The various support domains could be like; Animal Health, feeding, breeding, management, finance, administration, procurement, marketing, stocking, plant operations, etc.

The followings are the reasons why we should adopt the tele-consultancy tool:

1. Easier for remote clients to link to the best consultants in the country or world

2. Quick and less time taking activity

3. Verities of options are available on the advisories

4. Sharing of large number of data & documents becomes easy

5. Can decide the scope of consultancy as per the need

6. Ease of operation - not much of gadgets required

7. Best brains are possible to be roped-in for special advisory

8. Timely and specific advisory support saved lots of costs for the project

At M/s Dairy Consultancy, we offer tele-consultancy support to our remote clients for their specific project needs. The consultancy could be (1) pre-project preparations, (2) during the installation / implementation/ commissioning of the projects or (3) post completion of the Projects. All it needed is to fix-up a schedule for tele-meeting (digital meet) and exchange basic information in advance to facilitate the meeting.

We encourage our clients to choose the Tele-Consultancy on specific subjects and important Dairy Business projects to receive timely and accurate advisory support for the project.

We share our mail for direct communication for any such advisory support by the budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in Dairy Business. Hope this will help them to avail technical advisory support through M/s Dairy Consultancy.

The writer is experienced Dairy & Food Business professional at Bangalore.

Please send mail to:

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