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Veterinary support for Dairy Entrepreneurs

M/s Dairy Consultancy, Bangalore provides technical advisory supports to Dairy Entrepreneurs (on Farm Module):

(1) Disease control- how the low cost disease control resume could be planned

(2) Animal Treatment- how the veterinary treatment could be obtained on a minimum cost

(3) Training support- how a low cost training supports are availed near your location

(4) Feeding advisory- how a low cost feed & Mineral Mixture could be manufactured at the farm (feed & Mineral Mixture is the costliest & essential items in the feeding schedule)

(5) Breeding support- how to maintain the breeding of your farm to avoid animal health trouble and survival of calf

(6) Calf / heifer rearing support- how a calf or heifer could be reared at lowest cost and the heifer could be made a good cow or a good buffalo

(7) Dry animal management support-how to manage the dry animals, for better calf and milk yield, better inter-calving time management

(8) Housing management support- how to manage your low cost animal housing and total animal management system

(9) Recording system support- how to manage animal and farm recording system at lowest cost & precise way

(10) Overall farm management support- technical advisory support for entire animal farm management system

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