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Dairy Animal Farm Management System-in India

In India Dairy Animal Farm management system has always been given last priority, means the conventional methods of rearing dairy animals at tiny to small to medium size farms has been a regular practice. The organized farms (so called) have also not come out completely from the traditional way of dairy farm management system. What lacks the most is the education among farmers / dairy entrepreneurs to realize as a need to adopt these technical management system and observe economic parameters in India.

To quote a few (1) Technically laid-down farm layouts (2) Technically constructed sheds (3) required open green area for animal farms (4) TMR feeding system (5) animal recording (6) disease management & breeding decisions & records, (7) trained farm labor, etc. are missing in India dairy farming even today. The economic parameters are hardly maintained in Indian system of animal rearing.

The video point-wise describes the need to adhere on such technical point. It could be a pondering point for the decision makers for improving Dairy Management System at national level.

Watch the video on following link:

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