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I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Planning and Design

Production Module – Animal farm We help you plan for less than 50 and above 50, 100, 200, 500 (adult animals). Farms for cattle, goat, sheep, pig and other animals or even a mixed variety.

Procurement module – Collecting milk from multiple producers & processing We help you plan for assets, forage, feed mix, breed mix, disease control, manpower, overall management and more.

Service Module – Processing of milk We help you plan procurement of material, setting up BMC chilling & processing plants, logistics, manpower planning, office automation, data processing and more.

We undertake complete business plan for setting up any module as well as a long-term business plan (5 or 7 years) for all the three modules.

In addition to planning, we also help in designing layout & shed for animal farms, dairy plant including complete civil, joinery, drain, bore-well, subsidiary sheds, etc. for all modules (Dairy farm & Plants)


  • Batch training on client's site/location for "field & marketing operations, business finance & margin analysis, office automation, start-up business planning (for set of specific dairy product), animal farm business, clean milk production, livelihood project through dairy, training on SOPs and operating manuals, etc."

  • Based on client's need we assess training needs, design training modules, develop training materials & execute the training (short courses) at client's site

  • Use training probes, training tools and games, simulations, brain storming, group activity, cross idea, etc.

Chartered Accountants

We have our CAs to do financial analysis & complete project appraisal

Project Reports

The Project report covers all aspects of Dairy & Food business, like, background, objective of the project, about the borrower, related pictures. Basically, complete data (including – all assumptions, market costs, physical and financial data and analysis for 5 or 7 years) in tabular or graphical formats, which is easy to grasp for our client who may not be too familiar with the industry at the outset.
It is generally presented as a soft copy, in 25-30 pages including pictures, graphs, tables and text as mentioned earlier. We undertake all corrections/modifications, if required, in the Project report, for use by banks (or any other FIs) with whom the project is linked.


  • Recurring & fixed cost analysis

  • Total asset analysis

  • Margin analysis (revenue Vs net margin)

  • Bank loan vs own fund analysis

  • Actual market VS costs taken in projects

  • Break even analysis


  • Meeting one to one with client (actual doer)

  • Guide (over phone/mail) Periodical data analysis

  • Linking with Industry experts & manufacturers as per need

  • Site visits as per need

  • Setting up

  • On retainer basis (3 months or multiple of 3 months)

  • On job basis

  • On call basis (phone/ email) for distant clients

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