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BMF provides condition for using ONLY Sexed Sorted Semen (SSS) for its animals in BMF. If the CB HF and CB Jersey are to be used in BMF then they have to be bred with ET/ IVF. Under this condition use of SSS is mandatory in BMF. This Video explains "What is SSS, how it is different from normal AI dose, how it is prepared, what is its cost, how it helps to produce off-springs capable to produce more milk, what are the limitations in its use, etc.

This subject is apt for the BMF applicants and those advance farmers, who want to adopt new technology to run their commercial farm in more profit and trade high-yielding heifers of indigenous cattle n buffalo breeds.

Please click on the following links to watch the video.

The video is made by:

Dr PK Shrivastava

Dairy Business Consultant

M/s Dairy Consultancy India

Ph: +918073147467

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