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Established in the year 2010, "M/s Dairy Consultancy" is a proprietary firm offering high quality technical services for all domains of Dairy (dairy plant, milk procurement, etc.), Animal Farms & Food Businesses. We are experts in establishing new or renovating (strengthening) the existing dairy & food business projects.
We equip our clients to select best quality animals, ingredients & equipment for dairy & food businesses and develop their own manpower to manage the business efficiently.
Operating from Bangalore, we undertake consultancy work for all over India undertaking extensive tours to various sites, as required by the projects.
Having very less overheads, we are able to provide best of services at very reasonable costs. Our costs are based on client's need and we rope-in additional experts, as per our client's particular requirement.



We help you analyse various aspects of projects like overall scenario, existing business status in your area, total analysis of competitors, market status, physical & financial, to design your own business module, keeping your resources, strength & opportunities in mind, etc.

Planning and Design

We help you plan your new or existing business, evaluate Govt. & Private projects, design set of strategies, futuristic plans, design site plan & and modalities to setup Animal farms, Milk producing and processing units, product line & souring need based plants & machines etc.

Project Reports

We are experts in preparing "Detailed (bankable) Project Reports" for your business module, which is an elaborate document, covering all aspects of the Project, including all revenues & costs for the business. It details on background, objective, physical & financial analysis etc.


We undertake process audit & support in setting up standard operating processes to run the projects smoothly. Suggest additions and modifications in processes as it is required, which provides systematic operation schedule for the clients.


We undertake batch training for officials at client site, for training need analysis, setting standard processes, hygiene & sanitation, clean milk production, developing various skills for Animal Farm, Procurement, Critical data analysis (Financial), etc., to prepare your officials run the business smoothly and independently


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

+91 8073147467 (Whatsapp), +91 9448768472

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