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Breed Multiplication Scheme- an Unique opportunity for Dairy Entrepreneurs

Govt of India, under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission, has announced during Oct 2021 an unique scheme for interested Dairy Entrepreneurs of India, with an objective to establish large organized High-yielding dairy animal's farms, to be run on technical parameters using advance breeding technologies like Sex Sorted Semen (SSS) and Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT). The eligible applicants can apply for the benefits of this scheme through After registering themselves with their Aadhar and Pan and other required documents, they can be allowed to see the entire schemes and "Upload Documents".

The scheme is allowing about 31 hilly and arid districts of India to establish only 50 animal farms with essentially having 1 acres of land for keeping 50 animals. However, other districts have been allowed essentially to keep 200 adult animals with compulsion to have 5 acres fertile land (own or on lease for more than 10 years) in maximum 2 parts, placed in contiguous areas in the same village.

An essential document of the scheme's upload documents is the DPR (Detailed Project Report), which is a document of about 20 pages with all physical and financial data with analysis for 5 years (the project period). The DPR also describes the repayment schedule, besides the details of surplus every year, if the parameters used in the DPR are followed while establishing the breed multiplication dairy farm.

The scheme allows to keep any two breeds of animals either cow or buffalo or mixture of both, which needs to be detailed in the DPR for their per cent ratio.

The scheme also indicates the limit to avail loan from bank for self finance projects and bank finance projects, where only 10% of the project cost is the lower limit and 37.5% is the upper limit for own funds. This is described under the head "Means of finance" of the scheme.

The subsidy allowed in the scheme is 50% (limited to Rs 50 lakhs for 50 animals and Rs 200 lakhs for 200 animal projects). The subsidy will be given in staggering manner in 8 installments while the farm is being established.

The scheme also indicates the limit of capital investments on various heads, which are essential for establishing the technical farms (for claiming the subsidy). The applicant can go through the the following table which indicates these heads for capital investments.

The scheme details about the "upload documents", "DPR" and "other essential documents" and their upload processes. It also has a section of FAQ, where most of the queries of applicants have been answered.

Our following Video links (which are also available on the U tube), may be of some help about the process to be adopted for the scheme and also may answer a few doubts of applicants.

We are available on +91 8073147467 and on email to help the applicants of this scheme.

Writer of the article is:

Dr PK Shrivastava

Dairy Business Consultant

M/s Dairy Consultancy India, Bangalore

Ph: +91 8073147467

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