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Central Govt AHIDF schemes available for Dairy Business

Dear Readers,

Greetings from M/s Dairy Consultancy, Bangalore, India. Govt of India has been very supportive when it comes to the subsidy schemes for Dairy Business Development for dairy farmers.

The Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Schemes (Earlier known as DEDS), has been detailed in attached PDF files. The Govt of India Approval for the scheme is also attached for fiscal 2021-22.

Further, on 14th July 2021, Govt of India has re-aligned various schemes for Dairy Farmers for easy processing of loans. The press release of Govt. of India is also attached. The release states that 54,618 crores would be available for the various components of the scheme.

We thought of compiling these schemes of Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Govt of India for the benefits of dairy entrepreneurs.

On 01.08.21 we published an article listing the schemes available for dairy development from Ministry of Food Processing, Govt of India.

Cabinet approval for DAHD schmes dated 14.07.21
Download PDF • 590KB
Implementation Guidelines-AHIDF
Download PDF • 5.81MB
Loan Application form_AHIDF
Download PDF • 49KB
AHIDF adm approval 2021-22
Download PDF • 147KB
List of_Required_Documents_ AHIDF loan
Download PDF • 35KB


The compilation is done by Dr PK Shrivastava, dairy Business Consultant, M/s Dairy Consultancy, Bangalore, India; email:

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