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Compact Dairy Farm Layout design saves costs

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The main capital investments in Dairy Farm Business is (1) Land (2) Dairy Farm Layout and (3) Animals. We have provided the sample of a low cost Dairy Farm Layout design for benefits of dairy entrepreneurs.

The Dairy Farm Layout is dependent on shape & size of the land, as such the measurements for various sheds, stores, accessories stores, annex buildings varies a lot, however, the main technical measurements remain the same.

A good Layout design helps saving the costs on the movement of animals, goods, labor, etc. It saves man-days if designed properly, plus it also provides scientific requirement for safety of animals and labor.

The Dairy Business entrepreneurs are advised to keep their focus on followings, while setting-up a dairy farm:

(A) Invest more on floor compared to the roof

(B) Invest more on animals compared to the shed

(C) Invest more to feed the animals (with green fodder+ dry fodder+ home made cattle feed + mineral mixtures + feed additives and plenty of water), compared to investing more on other activities of the farm

Please go through the sample Layout design attached below and refer it for your future investments in Dairy Farm Business if your land design allows

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Dr. P.K. Shrivastava
Dr. P.K. Shrivastava
15 dic 2020

The article is for the benefits of Dairy Farm Entrepreneurs

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