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Balance Feeding to the dairy animals is the key to success for a fairy farm. Generally in India, animals are kept on traditional system on very less input and very less output system. While technical requirement of dairy management needs balanced ration for dairy animals, which is rarely seen in India, even in large herd dairy farms.

On 03.10.2023, I talked on the subject DAIRY ANIMAL FEEDING (I) -Feeding roughage to dairy animals and its effect on milk production.

On 03.11.2023, I spoke on DAIRY ANIMALS FEEDING (II)-Concentrate & others and its effect on milk production.

This Video of my talk on 03.11.2023 was recorded at M/s Agriculture Information and the same is posted here for the benefits of the viewers of our blog at

We have tried to make the subject as simple as possible for the better understanding of common dairy entrepreneurs, however, please feel free to revert with your queries (if any) to the speaker Dr Prem Kumar Shrivastava, Dairy Business Consultant Bangalore at email:

Simply click on the following to View the video

Or give a call to +8073147467 (Whats app) (10.00 am to 8.00 pm)

14.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs- lunch

The speaker:

Dr Prem Kumar Shrivastava

Dairy Business Consultant

"Dairy Guru"

M/s Dairy Consultancy India

Bangalore 560099 (Karnataka)


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