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Roughage Feeding to dairy cows- effect on milk production


Only Feeding constitutes about 70-73% of the recurring cost and about 56-60% of the total costs. In this situation, entering into dairy business needs availability of sufficient fertile land for green fodder cultivation (@about 8-10 animals per acre, provided the land is fertile and crops has been cultivated on the land).

Arranging dry fodder at the time of harvest is the most important activity a dairy entrepreneur need to undertake, to arrange the dry fodder on throw-away rates from the paddy, wheat and millet farmers.

Our video explains how the feeding of green and dry fodders in desired ratio is essential for achieving the goal of high milk productivity, to maintain desired herd average, good inter-calving period of cows, keeping cows healthy for multiple lactation, keeping heifers healthy and to develop into a good milk producing cows in future.

To know all the above, pl click on the following link:

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