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A1 vs A2 milk controversy disturbed New Zeeland economy, affected milk sale in New Zeeland, Australia, USA, Malesia and Indonesia, etc., during 2003. The controversy continued till 2007, when an Agriculture Business Professor Keith Woodford published a book called ““Devil in the Milk-Illness, health and the politics of A1 & A2 milk””.

During 2009, ACRES USA (A famous Agri magazine in USA), interviewed Professor Woodford and tried to know the facts and story behind the controversy.

As we all know we live in a “Global Village”, the noise had entered to India also as controversy of A1 vs A2 milk, which is probably sleeping under cover. The cows having A2 β-casein is found in most of the Asia, Africa part of southern Europe, etc.

My talk on this subject is scheduled on 04.08.2023 at 3.00 pm (IST). To join the talk, click on the following link on 04.08.23 at 3.00 pm. Your participation & comments on my talk would encourage me to further take-up on some other live & beneficial topics for the benefits of our Dairy Entrepreneurs.

Dr PK Shrivastava, Dairy Business Consultant, Bangalore, India

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